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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photographer's Contact Sheets.

A contact sheet is the visual diary of a photographer. See their hits their misses and view the world though their eyes. I find it fascinating to study the contact sheets of some of the greats. Most photographers do not like to show their contact sheets, myself included. With digital it is easy to hide your misses. With analogue it was a rare glimpse into to photographer's mind.

"there are two things one doesn't do in public; eat lobster and show your contacts" not sure who said it but photographer Bruce Gilden quoted it in a doc once.

 Richard Avedon

 Elliott Erwitt

Jeanloup Sieff

 Lucien Clergue

 Robert Doisneau

 Elliott Erwitt

 Art Kane

Alex Prager

Peter Lindbergh

Bert Stern.  *Contact sheet proofed by Marilyn herself from her last photoshoot.

 Diane Arbus

Many of the contact sheets above are from the book The Contact Sheet.

 Albert Watson

Albert Watson

Robert Frank

Cecil Beaton

Gered Mankowitz

Richard Avedon

 William Klein

Please watch this fascinating, poetic and inspiring film narrated by William Klein.

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