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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photographer Profile ~ Irving Penn

If I had to pick one photographer to be my favourite Irving Penn would certainly be it. He was a true master. His Compelling and thoughtful portraits and strong graphic still life's always had a profound effect on me. He was also a visionary in the fashion world.

My connection with Penn was via a Polaroid. While still studying photography in College, I assisted a food and product shooter who would receive Polaroids from Irving Penn for art direction. (pre-digital days) We were shooting Clinique ads and Penn would set up the composition of the bottles and shoot it at the angle he desired and then forwarded the Polaroid to the photographer. The photographer would then carry out Penn's vision. I wish I had one of those Polaroids! He will be missed.

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Irving Penn ~ Three Rissani woman with Bread, Morocco, 1971

Picasso ~ Irving Penn

Al Pacino

Truman Capote


 Woody Allen

 Nicole Kidman
Georgia O'keeffe

 Irving Penn ~ Barnett Newman

Irving Penn ~ Max Ernst + Dorothea Tanning, 1947

 Artist Giorgio de Chirico, Rome, 1944.


Audrey Hepburn


Irving Penn - Veiled Face (Evelyn Tripp), 1949 

 Joe Louis

 Miles Davis
Bee Stung Lips, 1995

Red-Laquered Lid, New York, 1994

 Lisa ~ Penn's Wife/model

  Eugene Ionesco

 Miles Davis

 Miles Davis

Irving Penn Self Portrait

 Truman Capote

 Raymone and Blaise Cendrars

 Miles Davis

Miles Davis

 Photographer Cecil Beaton

 Miles Davis

 Street Photographer

Kate Moss
Nadja Auermann - Vogue by Irving Penn, July 1996

Irving Penn ~ Issey Miyake dress

Irving Penn corset Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel NYC,1994


Amber Valletta

Kate Moss

Dorian Leigh and Maurice Tillet

 Rudolf Nureyev

 Duchess of Windsor, Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart

 Ingmar Bergman

 Ingmar Bergman

 Simone de Beauvoir

Truman Capote

 Marlene Dietrich

 Jean Cocteau

Georgia O'Keeffe, Gypsy Rose Lee

 Igor Stravinsky, Marcel Duchamp

 Truman Capote, Spencer Tracy

 Jacob and Gwen Lawrence

 Ballet Society, 1948

 Louise Bourgeois

  Marlene Dietrich

Portrait of fashion Photographer by Penn: From left to right: Serge Balkin, Cecil Beaton, George Platt Lynes, Constantine Joffe, Dorian Leigh (model), Horst P. Horst, John Rawlings, Alexnader Liberman (art director), Erwin Blumenfeld.

Penn's Studio
Irving Penn Self Portrait. Auctioned for $45000 at Christies in London