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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

American Prison Tattoos by Photographer Robert Gumpert

"Tattoos may be becoming the norm but before their surge in popularity, tattoos were the province of society’s outcasts: sailors, artists, carnies and outlaws – acting as road maps of their lives: who they were, what they had done, their loves, desires, their sorrows and pains.” ~ Robert Gumpert



  1. The man with the moustache and the Rolling Stones-tattoo really sticks out to me. There is something about his eyes... like he has committed a crime, but regrets it every minute of his life, and would give everything to be a free man again, but knows that it will never happen...

  2. Was this in San Francisco jail?

    1. I was not able to confirm where exactly these images where taken but he was based out of San Francisco.

  3. Was this in San Francisco jail?