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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bob Dylan Rips Off Classic Photographs For His Paintings

Gagosian Gallery in New York is exhibiting the latest works of legendary musician Bob Dylan. Gagosian claims on its website that the show is "a visual reflection on his [Dylan's] travels in Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea," and the "people, street scenes, architecture, and landscapes" that he encountered there.

Hmmmm Bob you be busted my man.

[more at  NYTimes.com and ArtInfo.com.]

Top: Henri Cartier-Bresson 1948.     Bottom: Dylan's 'original' painting below.

 Left: Bob Dylan's "Opium," (2009)   Right: A photograph by Léon Busy, taken in Vietnam in 1915

 Left: An early 1900's photograph of an Ainu woman from Japan   Right: A painting from Dylan's "Asia Series"
Left: A photograph of a Buddhist preist, taken in the 1880's         Right: Bob Dylan's "The Monk," 2009
 Left: A painting from Dylan's "Asia Series"   Right: A photograph by Dmitri Kessel, taken for LIFE magazine

 Top: A photograph of a boy with a Japanese pack horse, with Mt. Fuji in the background, taken in the 1880's
Bottom: A painting from Dylan's "Asia Series"

 Top: An early 1900's photograph of a field worker in China    Bottom: A painting from Dylan's "Asia Series"

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