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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photographer Ian Ruhter Shoots the Band METRIC via 8x10 Wetplate Photography.

It started off as an average day. Ian woke up, had his coffee, then phone rang. It was his good friend Lauren Graham. She asked him if I want to shoot the band Metric (Canadian!) with the wet plate collodion process. Ian didn’t even have to think about it; he just answered when and where. She said they were in town shooting for the Jay Leno show and they had a pretty busy schedule but she would check. She let Ian know they would be done at 5 pm or so and want to do it.

 Ian's first thought was about the amount of daylight left in the day after 5pm. Lauren suggested they do it close to the Leno studio which is in Burbank. She works at the Jackass office around the corner. Ian hesitated and said yes, but he could not think of a worse location than a parking lot in the valley. This was an opportunity that he didn’t want to let slip by, so Ian called his right hand man James about doing a test that night. Ian stayed up late in to the am shooting photos, mixing extra chemicals and prepping everything. He felt good. This was the most prepared they had been for any wet plate shoot thus far. The results speak for themselves.. [via Ian's blog]

Love the 8x10 wooden Dierdorff camera!

Ian Ruhter Shoots Metric from What the Fleet on Vimeo.

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