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Monday, December 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes: 2013 PIRELLI CALENDAR Photographed by Steve McCurry ~ Shot in RIO

The Photographer for the 40th edition is renowned reportage photographer Steve McCurry. McCurry’s most famous is “Afghan Girl” National Geographic cover photo. He has a huge body of work but this is a new direction for him, shooting the Pirelli Calendar.

“(for the Pirelli calendar) I tried to portray Brazil, its landscape, its economy and its culture, along with the human element” said McCurry. “This was the story I wanted to tell through my lens. For me photography is an important expressive means to tell large and small stories of daily life.” “I thought ‘Why don’t we find models who aren’t only gorgeous and beautiful but are also doing good things?’” McCurry said at the press conference.

Those included this year are Petra Nemcova, the Czech model who founded the Happy Hearts Fund to help children hit by natural disasters, American environmental crusader Summer Rayne Oakes, Brazilian actress and child rights advocate Sonia Braga, and American model Kyleigh Kuhn, who also works to build playgrounds and schools in Afghanistan. Also featured in this years calendar is very pregnant Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima.

Adriana Lima
Adriana is currently working with Bill Clinton’s global initiative in Haiti.
The aim of the Clinton initiative is to help support and develop
the local Haitian economy.

 Karlie Kloss

 Petra Nemcova

Summer  Rayne  Oakes
A true ‘eco-optimist’, her environmental activism has been widely acknowledged and honored by
Vanity Fair, CnBC, outside magazine and many others.

Behind the scenes Pirelli The Cal 2013 by Steve Mc Curry
Isabelli Fontana
Isabeli is currently the Brazilian Ambassador for an organization
that works in collaboration with Save the Children



Khun Kyleigh

Khun Kyleigh not yet three years old, with his mother went on to misery and destruction caused by the war in Afghanistan has witnessed first-hand. Kyleigh, this is the first visit, a short time after the "Penny Campaign," a project developed the aim of the project by collecting pennies in the bay area high school students to contribute to his mother's Roots of Peace work. Since that time, Kyleigh and activist's family devastated Afghanistan, schools, playgrounds and football pitches working tirelessly to build. Peace and War Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, graduated with a degree in the field of education during the time limit was able to play with the school's life and work.Since the inception began modeling Kyleigh, often using it as a platform for the fashion industry, charity work. Through arts and crafts projects still to come to a certain level of independence, women, working with the Afghan war widow. As a result of these studies, several American designer products sold from projects developed training and provided resources for their livelihoods. Family foundations in Afghanistan, describing in detail the work of an art book is currently in press and publication is expected in December 2012.

Sonia Braga
Brazilian beautiful Sonia Braga, children's rights, especially the right to purchase a proper education, undaunted advocate. "In the developed world in general education, enough food and basic needs such as having a place to sleep tend to visually separate," he says. In 1997, Jimmy Smits, Merel Julia, Esai Morales, and Washington, DC attorney Felix Sanchez, together with National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts' (nhFA) established a charitable foundation. The purpose of nhFA'nın, Latin Americans to support the front and rear of the camera. nhFA, doing workshops for the industry in this direction, and also wants to have a career in the entertainment and telecommunications sectors university graduates of New York University, Columbia University, a distinguished American universities such as Harvard and Yale scholarship programs.

Isabeli Fontana
Isabeli, where he was born as the child of a poor family in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, and had witnessed first-hand the scarcity of livelihood for those who are not lucky enough to itself, has a special place in the heart. Isabeli for many years in an orphanage after the success of Florianopolis'teki found generous donations.  Today, as a mother of two boys, even more passionately about the children in need of work. Isabeli www.1love.org currently working in collaboration with Save the Children project organization has been working as an ambassador of Brazil. One of the most recent projects 1LOVE organizations to provide musical instruments for school students with disabilities. Last year, the amfAR gala in Sao Paulo for the first time, separated by time and financial resources to support the foundation's AIDS research program led to the collection of approximately $ 750,000.

Elisa Sednaoui
Elisa Sednaoui, as well as being a super model, a multi-faceted helpful. With Martina Gili recently directed 'Kullu OK' (everything's fine), a documentary, and oppressive in a small village south of Egypt, with the fall of the Mubarak government publicly exposed all of a sudden 'freedom of expression' tells the stories of ordinary people sharing. The filmmakers Egypt, a different perspective, a more simple life of the people living in a rural area wanted to show through. "Egyptians and perspectives on life, my heart was touched, and really impressed me. I wanted to share it, "said Elisa, the people of Egypt, in which very proud of the strength and determination, and he continues:" We made a real revolution. "At the same time, uncorrupted from scratch to build a democracy, the people believe that there is something to be. "A year later, they do. In fact, they say, 'We will not give up until we get what we want.' "

Marisa Monte
Marisa Monte was born in Rio, a Brazilian singer, composer and producer with a career of 25 years. He was a true carioca Brazil as music, culture, and perhaps the musicians left behind is introduced. Monte, Tudo Azul (2000) and Argemiro Patrocínio (2002) album, produced, and both the project's most traditional samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, belonged to a group formed by one of the veteran sambacılarının. In 2008, he co-produced the Misterio do Samba (The Mystery of Samba), a film inspired by the date of this fascinating style of music. Brazil is also involved in many social projects installed, the Águia'nın Filhos Portela (Portela samba school youth group) is protective motherhood,   com entileza Rio (Rio with Kindness) and eu Sou da Paz (I'm for Peace) campaigns attending.

Petra Nemcova
Czech model, author and philanthropist Petra Nemcova, happy hearts, charitable foundation in 2006, which killed about 280,000 people miraculously survived the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster has founded two years later. Which is very closely witnessed the destruction of this incredible Petra, back to Indonesia, where disaster recovery program can help bridge the gaps realizes hhF'i have decided to build their own foundation.  HhF'in main purpose of schools and houses in the lives of children affected by natural disasters by providing rapid re- improve and to give them hope. HHF so far found invaluable assistance in 14 countries in six countries and is still running. As of September 2012 more than forty foundation to build 67 schools in a child's life re-created a sense of community.

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem
Hanna was born in Tunis, Tunisia, working tirelessly for the improvement of public health facilities and social services. Currently, the wild optimism of the Arab Spring, a non-governmental organization formed in the esmâani'nin is currently the spokesperson. The main purpose of esmâani'nin, Tunisia, the less advantaged members of society to help social needs. Esmâani art shows and concerts, as well as regulation, health facilities on a regular basis and trains volunteers to visit hospitals, patients and those in need of support, intimacy, friendship, and providing financial support. Hanna, to the extent the work program, participating in all of these activities. In addition, donating toys and entertainment materials, re-routed at the playing field so far has helped many hospitals.

Summer Rayne Oakes
Summer Rayne Oakes, the profession believes is an excellent way to combine the values ​​kurgulamış job. Fields of entomology at Cornell University where he was studying environmental sciences and is a graduate of Oakes, 'Style, naturally named' best-selling author of the book. In addition, sustainable materials suppliers all over the world, bringing together designers 'Source4Style' B2B site's co-founder. MoDo eco eyewear, for various brands such as Aveeno and Portico home is developing eco-friendly collections. Oakes, writes as a freelance for Above Magazine. A short time ago 'extinction' wrote and directed the short film, an environmental art. A real 'eco-optimist' Oakes'un environmental activism, which is recognized widely, and Vanity Fair, CNBC, outside honored as the journals.

Karlie Kloss
Her father is a doctor of medicine and treatment for Karlie'nin grew up surrounded by the world, so you can bring blessings of life, the challenges he saw. Karlie deeply affected by the terrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010, along with his friend Petra Nemcova "The Happy Hearts Foundation, the scope of" designer Donna Karan "Tents Homes Today Tomorrow" (Today Tomorrow Tent House) joined the initiative. Time, the name of the rescue efforts and generosity of its privileges offered. Karlie around it will make a difference, is considered one of the world will more than receiving. Pediatric purposes, in particular to focus on children from families affected by drug plans. Karlie a while ago, when taking Vogue China Anna Wintour is a fashion editorial for himself for his article, said: "Karlie If one day you decide to go in another direction from the world of medicine, will be a great ambassador."

Adriana Lima
Adriana, Haiti, Bill Clinton's global initiative program is still running. Adriana, aim to support and develop the economy of Haiti, Clinton visited Haiti with the initiative. Haiti had the opportunity to meet with leaders of the business world and was personally faced enormous social and economic problems. A while ago, Adriana gave birth to her second child, maternal and child health program in Port Au Prince'teki Catholic hospital very impressed with the expansion project, in this context complications of mothers and children living in the country that has suffered a lot without ever created a place to receive medical attention. The near future, taking advantage of the status of supermodel Adriana is a social media campaign on Facebook to organize and enough to meet the cost of construction of a new maternity department is planning to collect donations.

Liya Kebede
Liya Kebede is a supermodel, actress, designer and philanthropist. Liya Kebede Foundation's founder, Mother's Day Every Day (Every day, Mother's Day) campaign, a member of the Advisory Board of the World Health Organization's Goodwill Ambassador oldest maternal and child health program. With the name of the foundation, without exception, every woman is a focus on providing access to life-saving health services. Governments Kebede'nin program, an alternative to educate policy makers in collaboration with organizations and affected communities, and working to support life-saving programs. Studies have qualified doctors and midwives ambulances, clean sheets and basic medical instruments co-ordination and implementation of strategic focus is on all the resources as much as possible. Liya, "driven to save the next generation of mothers," she says.


1964              Robert Freeman - Mallorca
1965              Brian Duffy - South of France
1966              Peter Knapp - Al Hoceima, Morocco
1967              Served
1968              Harry Peccinotti - Tunisia
1969              Harry Peccinotti - Big Sur, California
1970              Francis Giacobetti - Paradise Island, Bahamas
1971              Francis Giacobetti - Jamaica
1972              Sarah Moon - Villa Les Tilleuls, Paris
1973              Allen Jones - London
1974              Hans Feurer - Seychelles
1975-1983     Served
1984              Uwe Ommer - Bahamas
1985              Norman Parkinson - Edinburgh, Scotland
1986              Bert Stern - Cotswolds, England
1987              Terence Donovan - Bath, United Kingdom
1988              Barry Lategan - London
1989              Joyce Tennyson - Polaroid studios in New York City
1990              Arthur Elgort - Seville, Spain
1991              Clive Arrowsmith - France
1992              Clive Arrowsmith - Almeria, Spain
1993              John Claridge - Seychelles
1994              Herb Ritts - Paradise Island, Bahamas
1995              Richard Avedon - New York City
1996              Peter Lindberg - El Mirage, California
1997              Richard Avedon - New York City
1998              Bruce Weber - Miami
1999              Herb Ritts - Los Angeles
2000              Annie Leibovitz - Rhinebeck, N. New York
2001              Mario Testino - Naples, Italy
2002              Peter Lindbergh - Los Angeles
2003              Bruce Weber - Southern Italy
2004              Nick Knight - London
2005              Patrick Demarchelier - Rio de Janeiro
2006              Mert and Marcus - Cap d 'Antibes, France
2007              Inez and Vinoodh - California
2008              Patrick Demarchelier - Shanghai, China
2009              Peter Beard - Abu Camp / Jack 's Camp, Botswana
2010              Terry Richardson - Brazil
2011              Karl Lagerfeld - Paris
2012              Mario Sorenti - Corsica
2013              Steve McCurry - Rio de Janeiro


  1. Sigo el calendario Pirelli hace muchos años, una cita obligada en el calendario y un lujo mes tras mes. En mi opinión la publicación gozaba de mucho más nivel en las décadas anteriores, y siendo Steve McCurry un grandísimo fotógrafo, lo prefiero en otro estilo.