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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photographing the Modernization of China ~ Photographer Zeng Han

VICE's show Picture Perfect visits Photographer Zeng Han as he documents the modernization of Guangzhou, the third-largest city in China.

Zeng Han was born in 1974 in Guangdong, China. He studied journalism at Jinan University and worked as a photographer for City Pictorial magazine before endeavoring on his own projects. Zeng documents affected landscapes and cityscapes that show how Chinese urbanization reflects what the French philosopher Jean-Baudrillard called "Hyperreality."

He has traveled all over China photographing large scale projects like the Three Georges Dam and Quinhai-Tibet Railway. For Picture Perfect, Han continued his "Hyper-Reality China" project by photographing a community in the process of being demolished and the construction of a building with a circular shape.

 Zeng Han's work has been exhibited in some of the largest galleries in China, Europe and the U.S. His photos have also been published in a number of major publications. In 2010, Han founded a photography publishing house and exhibition space called Authentic Vision with the hope of promoting and inspiring Chinese photography. [via VICE and incase]

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