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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photographer Profile ~ Pierre Jahan

Pierre Jahan  (1909-2003) was a French photographer and illustrator best known for his surrealist images and photographs of Paris. He exhibited alongside such greats as Henri Cartier-Bresson , Man Ray  Robert Doisneau , Willy Ronis to name a few.

"The long career of Pierre Jahan reflects independent behavior and even epicurean, and a tireless curiosity..."

Please visit his websiite here http://pierrejahan.free.fr/
 © Pierre Jahan

"I'm always fascinated by the play of light - and chance. Like everything that is in the shadow beings and things take a sort of drift similar dream, dream or nightmare, ecstasy, fear, entr'ouvent the door of the fourth dimension in which can not be really believe I have always lived. This is all that I have, no doubt, led to photography " 
~ Peirre Jahan
 © Pierre Jahan - Redevelopment of the Grand Gallery of the Louvre Museum in 1947 after WWII.
Statue graveyard Pierre Jahan
 © Pierre Jahan - Destruction des statues pour récupérer les métaux, Paris, 1941
Nude study, ca. 1940s Pierre Jahan
Pierre Jahan - Restaurant La Coupole, Paris, 1930
Pierre Jahan - Escalier près du Canal St Martin, Paris,1937
Pierre JahanParis by Night, Bobino “Music Hall”, rue de la Gaité 14° 1936

After the War, a new Louvre, transformed by major renovation
work, gradually opened to the public between 
1945 and 1947.
 And thanks to the skills
 and tenacity of those responsible for 
safeguarding cultural property, the 
museum’s major masterpieces 
returned to the palace, virtually unscathed. (Louvre)

Pierre Jahan - Sculpture de Reboul, 1941
La Tour Eiffel 1926
Pierre Jahan Tour EiffelPierre Jahan c.1930
Colette à la fenêtre de son appartement par Pierre Jahan, Paris, 1941
Pierre Jahan, Paris, la nuit, 1930.
Pierre Jahan-Reconstruction of the temple of Angkor Wat in Bois de Vincennes at the International Colonial Exhibition, 1931
Pierre Jahan - Nuages, chevelure et mappemonde, avant 1948
Poupées accrochées à un mur by Pierre Jahan, 1945

Pierre Jahan Photogravure Lerulé ~

Main aux yeux, 1947 by Pierre Jahan

Photographers Willy Ronis and Pierre Jahan at work, Paris 1950 - by Marcel Bovis

Portrait of Pierre Jahan

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