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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Photographer David Doubilet Swims With Huge Goliath Groupers

Scores of 600-pound Atlantic Goliath groupers leave their normally solitary existence to mate and spawn on the shipwrecks, ledges, and structures off of Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach—as well as off the west coast of Florida—from mid-August into October. Photographer David Doubilet swam along with these friendly giants and captured some great images.

"They remind me of my family, like my Uncle Johnny from New Jersey." 
~ David Doubilet 

Goliath groupers emerge from a blizzard of baitfish on a WWII shipwreck off Florida. ~Photograph by David Doubilet

Photograph by David Doubilet
Goliaths do sometimes eat the big crustaceans, but they prefer to dine on sand-burrowing crabs.

Captain Tony Tarracino and his family pose in 1958 with a day’s catch from the Florida Keys. Recreational hauls of goliaths helped push them near extinction.

Goliaths hover in a 
strong current above
 the Zion Train artificial reef near Jupiter, Florida. The fish gather on wrecks and reefs by the tens or even hundreds in preparation for spawning. This behavior, which peaks during the new moons of August and September, makes them easy to catch.

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