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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photographer Profile ~ Eva Besnyö

Eva Besnyö (1910-2003). In 1930, when Eva Besnyö arrived in Berlin at the age of only twenty, a certificate of successful apprenticeship from a recognised Budapest photographic studio in her bag, she had made two momentous decisions already: to turn photography into her profession and to put fascist Hungary behind her for ever.

Dutch photographer of Hungarian birth. She trained in Budapest under photographer József Pécsi (1889–1956). From 1930 to 1932 she worked in Berlin, first on a voluntary basis and later as a freelance photographer; while there she explored the use of human interest in photography and concentrated increasingly on photo-reportage. The political climate forced her to move in 1932 to Amsterdam, where she made her permanent home and mixed with avant-garde artists, film makers and photographers. As a result of publishing some of her work and participating in exhibitions, she became well known in Dutch photography circles. Her tireless promotion of photography led her to take part in organizing the first important internationally orientated photographic exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1937 and also to participate in many professional photographic organizations.[via artfact.com]

Gypsy boy with cello, Hungary, 1931, by Eva Besnyö

Self portrait by Eva Besnyö
 Portrait of Eva Besnyö
Self portrait by Eva Besnyö
Eva Besnyö: Fotografin 1910-2003 (female photography retrospective) from Kunst+Film on Vimeo.

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