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Saturday, May 22, 2010

David LaChapelle's "Rape Of Africa" on Display in Toronto. This Giant Photo Mural is The Highlight of The Contact Photography Exhibit.

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The scene, inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s Venus and Mars painting, features a serene Naomi Campbell as its African Venus. I photographed this mural using two stiched images

The Rape of Africa is a unique piece, the artist actually debated whether he would make it.
"Deluge was the first image he made for the art world, not for a magazine, it’s the image that marks the start of his focus onto the art world. The Rape of Africa has no fashion in it. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to make it because he already did 'Decadence: The insufficiency of All Things Attainable' in which he focused on the abundance of wealth in America and the world and the fact we were heading to a crash, which of course we did. He thought he had said it all with that piece, but with the Rape of Africa it’s a whole different subject, a new context, it’s a piece that means to stand on its own." (taken from http://www.iconique.com/flash/style/davidlachapelle-therapeofafrica.html)

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