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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lost Negatives of Ansel Adams: A $45 Garage Sale Find Turns Out To Be A $200 Million Windfall.

Lost Ansel Adams negatives recovered by a California man who bought two boxes of them for $45 at a garage sale. The collection is worth an estimated $200 million. After extensive testing and research experts determined the images to be that of the iconic photographer.

The family of Adams however, are unconvinced. Perhaps they are upset the negatives are not part of the estates collection? One of the experts stated "I have sent people to prison for the rest of their lives for far less evidence than I have seen in this case"

I own eight books by Adams ( four of which are first editions ) and I am pretty sure the images are genuine. Based on a purely aesthetic basis, if feel the composition, use of Zone System and the tonality of the images are indicative of Adams work.

*The photographs below are some of the images from the garage sale find. Click on images for a larger view


  1. I thought all AA pic's were accounted for and all books and pubications note that none have went missing or were lost.

    1. Maybe Ansel was wrong? Stranger things have happened.