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Monday, May 30, 2011

$1.9 million USD Leica. ~ Record Price for Any Camera

The most expensive Leica camera to ever swap hands was sold on the weekend for 1.3 million Euros (approximately $1.9 million) after 20 minutes of intense auction bidding. Only 25 were produced, way back in 1923.

The camera is the only one of the Leica 0-series to have "Germany" engraved on it, and was the first Leica camera to ever be exported, as it was sent over to New York in order to gain a patent. Maybe it will end up in a garage sale for $10 after the "private Asian collector" passes. . [Gizmodo via Leica Rumors]

Watch the auction below

The previous record for the most expensive Leica was a MP2 that sold for $402,000 in December of 2010.

Via Leica Rumours

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