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Monday, May 23, 2011

Photographer Profile ~ Edward Weston

Edward Weston was renowned as one of the masters of 20th century photography. His legacy includes several thousand carefully composed, superbly printed photographs which have influenced photographers around the world for 60 years. Photographing natural landscapes and forms such as artichoke, shells,  and his famous nudes using large-format cameras and available light.

Weston's sensuously precise images raise to the level of poetry. The subtle use of tones and the sculptural formal design of his works have become the standards by which much later photographic practice has been judged.

Ansel Adams has written: "Weston is, in the real sense, one of the few creative artists of today. He has recreated the matter-forms and forces of nature; he has made these forms eloquent of the fundamental unity of the world. His work illuminates man's inner journey toward perfection of the spirit."

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Weston's wife & Muse Charis Weston
Weston wrote this about his young wife. "A new love came into my life, a most beautiful one, one which will, I believe, stand the test of time...Perhaps C. will be remembered as the great love of my life. Already I have achieved certain heights reached with no other love" (*AA)

“I am stimulated to work with the nude body, because of the infinite combination of lines which are presented with every move.” – Edward Weston, 1927

 Weston's Wife and Muse Charis Wilson

“My work is never intellectual. I never make a negative unless emotionally moved by my subject.” – Edward Weston, 1939

 “It is in portraiture figure studies that 
photography’s opportunity lies.”
– Edward Weston, 1922

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