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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Bang Bang Club

“Our role should be to record what we see, to make as good an image as possible.” ~ Joe Silva

Marinovich wounded

 Marinovich assisted by Nachtwey

 Silva, Nachtwey and Marinovich
Silva on the Set of The Bang Bang Club

 Kevin Carter, right; Joao Silva, center; and Gary Bernard after the death of the photographer Abdul Shariff in Katlehong, South Africa. Jan. 9, 1994.

“Despite what people have believed, I have never had a death wish. The first prize has always been to come home after an assignment.” ~ Joe Silva

Silva recovering in hospital after he stepped on a mine in Afghanistan

“It becomes your identity in so many ways. This is my identity. This is all I’m known for. Nobody sends me out to go shoot beautiful pictures for travel articles, you know?” ~ Joe Silva

Read more about Silva and other War Photographers at  NYTimes Magazine and an interview on the Lens Blog.

Via NYT Lens Blog
Via Greg Marinovich

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