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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1970s Rock Stars at Home With Their Parents

This series of photos shot by John Olson made the cover of Life Magazine in September 1971. This would be a great project for a photographer to update for 2011

Elton John with his mom Shelia and dad (actually stepfather) Fred Fairebrother hanging out in their swanky London apartment. Check out those boots on mom~ – nothing more pimpin’ than boots that match your shirt. Looks like Elton got his fashion sense from his mom.


Eric Clapton with his grandmother Rose in the house he bought her in Surrey, England.  

 David Crosby with his none-too-impressed father Floyd in father’s house in Ojai, California

  Frank Zappa with his parents Francis and Rosemary in California. They really like purple


  1. great idea, I love this, cheers Anthony. miss you brutha.

  2. These are awesome. Awesome! I particularly like that last one there, of Zappa with his folks on the groovy couch!