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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Did Some !^&!% steal Your MacBook with a Legit Copy of CS5 on It? Don't fret.

Dude! Where's my MacBook?   Get It Back!... The High Tech Way.

On March 21, 2011, A MacBook was stolen from a dude's  apartment in Oakland, CA. He reported the crime to the police and even told them where it was, but they couldn't help him due to "lack of resources". The clever owner used the awesome appHidden, to capture these photos of this guy who had his MacBook. 

The thief sleeps soundly in fetal position while Hidden takes pics of him.

Hmmm. You may not wish to see what the guy who stole your laptop is up to...
 Thief deleting owner's account on his MacBook.
 Thief signing into his Google account on stolen MacBook.

 Guy driving away with owners MacBook.
Guy with swollen bicuspids staring deliriously into "his" new MacBook.

How it works:
When you activate tracking, Hidden will locate your stolen computer anywhere on the planet, collect photos of the thief and screen shots of the computer in use. Knowledge is power my friends! Oh and yes, swollen bicuspids dude who stole the laptop was apprehended! Checkmate!

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