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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Move Over Flickr, There's a New Kid In Town ~ 500px

"500px lets you create stunning professional photo portfolios, find friends, express yourself and connect with people like you."
In recent months, Tortonto-based startup 500px seems to be becoming the new favorite site of a lot of Flickr “power users.” Some 27,000 of the site’s 67,000 current members joined in the past two months. 

500px is targeted mainly at professional photographers and highly skilled amateurs, people whose photos would be at the upper echelons of a site like Flickr. “We see Flickr more as a photo storage site, where anyone can upload all their photos in one place and share them with their friends,” co-founder Oleg Gutsol explained. “We’re interested in getting the best photography in the world in one place, and growing the best photography community.”

here is some of my work on 500px

Hot Lips by Anthony  Luke  (anthonylukephotography) on 500px.com
Hot Lips by Anthony  Luke

Samantha by Anthony  Luke  (anthonylukephotography) on 500px.com

Samantha by Anthony  Luke

Irina by Anthony  Luke  (anthonylukephotography) on 500px.com

Irina by Anthony  Luke

Nice Goggles by Anthony  Luke  (anthonylukephotography) on 500px.com

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