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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

not-just-another-photo-blog blog is Now Syndicated via PhotoVerse iPhone/iPad app

I am happy to share that in addition to having a mobile view of not-just-another-photo-blog blog load automatically when viewed in a mobile browser, my blog can be found in PhotoVerse. an app available for the iPhone and iPad. It's only 99 cents. Money well spent I say! The new update is due out next week and will include not-just-another-photo-blog blog.   

Here is a brief synopsis of the app from PhotoVerse:

Introducing Photoverse: an app developed by Photographers for Photographers

"As photographers, we find that we are in a constant search to gather information that is photography related, be it reviews of the latest gear that we have been wanting to buy or tips and tricks to take you further along into becoming a better photographer. We too have spent hours browsing multiple websites and blogs to glean the information that we want. And that was how PhotoVerse was born."

I am pleased to partner up with PhotoVerse and have not-just-another-photo-blog blog syndicated so it may reach a broader audience.

here are some screen shots:

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