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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photographer Profile ~ Dennis Stock

 Dennis Stock was a celebrated photographer who helped immortalize Hollywood stars such as James Dean, captured the tension and mood of jazz musicians in their smoky habitat and catalogued the rebellious 1960s counterculture of bikers and hippies, 

 "Art is a well-articulated manifestation of an aspect of life. I have been privileged to view much of life through my cameras, making the journey an enlightened experience. My emphasis has mainly been on affirmative reactions to human behaviour and a strong attraction to the beauty in nature." ~ Dennis Stock

Portrait of Dennis Stock by Andreas Feininger

“I’ve never taken an assignment,” Mr. Stock said last year during an address to photojournalism students at the University of Texas. “I’ve always photographed what I wanted to be photographing, and then worried about selling the pictures or doing something with them afterwards. I’ve always shot for myself, and when you’re shooting what you’re interested in shooting, you’re always going to be happy.”

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