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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Analog is Not Dead ~ Artists & Alchemists

Many artists have chosen to stay with traditional analog photography or have switched back from digital. While everybody and their brother has a digital camera plus a flickr account thinks they are a photographer, many artists are gravitating towards the traditional prints and negatives. The technical skill required to produce an image is high. Those who view photography merely as an instant gratification medium (with the advent of digital) will shy away from these traditional processes.

"If this were easy everybody would be doing it" ~ France Scully Osterman to her student.

Much like painting and sculpture the traditional photographic process is a major component of the art itself. (Particularly Daguerreotype and Collodion) I am glad to see this trend happen. I too have thought of getting back into analogue large format photography for my personal fine art work. (I will continue to use digital for my commercial work) Want to be separate from the herd? Hipstamatic silliness is not the way. Go Analogue young grasshopper. Long live the negative!

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