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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photographer Mitchell Feinberg's 8×10 Digital Capture Back ~ The Maxback

Photographer Mitchell Feinberg had two 8x10 Digital Capture Backs made for him (one is a back-up) at the cost of a nice medium sized home. Why you ask? Well he shots a lot of Polaroid ~ About $50k per! So the cost savings over the course of a few years certainly adds up. Plus the fact that 8x10 Polaroid was no longer available, Feinberg decided to take charge of this situation and The Maxback was born.

Feinberg uses the Maxback as a test (much like a polaroid) on his Sinar and then shoots film for the final images. He says clients love getting 8x10 film. Film is not dead folks.

[via A Photo Editor]

Here are some of Feinbergs wonderful images:

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