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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition Winners

The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition lets us see beyond the capabilities of our unaided eyes. Almost 2000 entries from 70 countries vied for recognition in the 37th annual contest, which celebrates photography through a microscope. Scientists and photographers turned their attention on a wide range of subjects, sometimes magnifying them over 2000 times their original size [via Boston Big Picture]
 [via Boston Big Picture]

"Portrait of a green lacewing larva" at 20x ~Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

 An ant head magnified ten times and photographed by Dr. Jan Michels

A marine copepod at 10x magnification imaged by Dr. Jan Michels

 A water flea and green algae ~ Dr. Ralf Wagner 
 The double compound eyes of a male St. Mark's fly ~ Dr. David Maitland

  Clausidium female with egg sacs ~ Dr. Terue Kihara

The embryonic pectoral fin of a whitespotted bamboo shark ~ Dr. Andrew Gillis

  Dr. John H. Brackenbury captured a water droplet containing a pair of mosquito larvae.

 Bladderwort bladder magnified 40x by Jose R. Almodovar 

 A freshwater shrimp eye and head shot ~ Jose R. Almodovar 

 Cancer cells at 300x  ~ Thomas Deerinck

 Graphite-bearing granulite from Kerala, India in polarized light at 2.5x magnification by Dr. Bernardo Cesare

 A mouse nerve fiber layer on a retinal flatmount at 40x magnification by Gabriel Luna

 Cracked gallium arsenide solar cell films at 50x magnification Dennis Callahan

 Intrinsic fluorescence in Lepidozia reptans (liverwort) at 20x magnification 

 A blade of grass at 200x magnification by Dr. Donna Stolz of the University of Pittsburgh

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