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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photographer Profile ~ Miles Aldridge

Born in London in 1964, Miles is the son of Alan Aldridge, a celebrated art director who designed Penguin book covers and album art for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cream and the Who.

Miles grew up surrounded by rock music and pop art, privy to the private banter of his father's cohorts: Elton John; British fashion and portrait photographer David Bailey; and Eduardo Paolozzi, one of the founders of the British pop art movement.

"Miles was the sort of kid who got picked up from school by Eric Clapton, had his photograph taken by Lord Snowdon, learned to play the electric guitar, studied illustration at the super hip Saint Martin's School of Art and then grew up to marry American super-model Kristen McMenamy," wrote Jonathan Turner in the press release for Aldridge's first gallery show.

Aldridge says of his early career ;"Without much effort, really, I found myself with an agent in New York, being talked about as a new British photographer. At the time, I hadn't really done that much. But that's New York: You can take something small and make it big."

Over the past decade, Aldridge's fiercely original, impeccably rendered vision has landed him assignments for magazines such as British Vogue, Paris Vogue, American Vogue, Vogue Italia, The Face, Numero and The New York Times Magazine as well as advertising for YSL, Armani, Longchamp, L'Oreal, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith. His schedule keeps him shuttling between London (where he lives with his wife and three children), Paris, Spain, Italy, New York and L.A.

Today, he is offhanded, almost self-effacing, about his creative and commercial success. He talks about being in the right place at the right time, about masquerading as something that he was not during the early stages of his career. But his imagination is inexhaustible.

[via AllBusiness.com]

"My work is not just about a dream, but a dream of reality. It's all amplified—but it is essentially from reality and essentially contemporary." ~ Aldridge


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