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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photographer Profile ~ Francesc Català-Roca

Photographer, Francesc Català-Roca (1922 - 1998) trained with his father, Pere Català Pic, one of the main representatives of the Catalan photographic avant-garde. In 1948, Català-Roca began working independently as a photojournalist for magazines such as "Destino" and "Revista.” His work dealt with a variety of themes, from landscapes to cityscapes, from artistic documentation to ethnography.

Many exhibitions of his work have been held in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In 1998 he was dedicated an homage by the Barcelona organization, "Primavera Fotográfica.” In May 2000, an extensive retrospective exhibition of his work was held in La Fundación Joan Miró, Barcelona.

He was awarded twice with the City of Barcelona Prize and received the National Visual Arts Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

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Gran Vía, Madrid, 1950s

Travelling all around the country, his work in this period is a socio-photographic reportage of Spain. He often photographed with the camera at his waist so the subject was unaware that the photo was being taken. The results are candid and unposed. 


Dali skipping rope
 Francesc Català-Roca with boy

Miro in his studio

Self Portrait ~  Francesc Català-Roca