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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"THE SARTORIALIST IN TOKYO" | 「サルトリアリスト イン 東京

Check out this interesting behind-the-scenes mini-documentary showing Scott Schuman (AKA The Sartorialist) shooting his street fashion photographs in Tokyo, Japan. His blog, with 70,000 readers a day, has become one of the most influential fashion blogs on the net. His keen eye for singling out the most fashionable peope in cities around the world has influenced many clothing designers and fashion retailers.

"...The internet has given us what I like to call a digital park bench. So many people you meet say "Oh, I love to just go people watch"... Before you were really limited to the people you could see right there in front of you at your park. Now you can go on the Internet and look at a blog like mine or other blogs that are based somewhere else... Really the whole world is open to you now" ~ Schuman

Scott with his trusty Canon 85mm 1.2L

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