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Friday, January 20, 2012


David LaChapelle, Pieta with Courtney Love, 2006.

"Pieta is the strongest image in art. It represents the ultimate loss. So for me Catholics don’t own that idea. A mother losing a child is the ultimate loss. When I did the book [Heaven to Hell] with Courtney [Love], it was about my friend Brett, who was a bike messenger. He was addicted to heroin and had overdosed. He became a really good friend I met when I worked at Interview. That picture was haunting. I wanted to commemorate that loss. We have not progressed. That’s why we still need gimmicks. We decided to worship the painter. I like the shepherd image of Jesus. Condemning the Church, it’s like condemning a country. I will not let fundamentalists destroy what I know to be be a beautiful guide. I believe in love and forgiveness." ~ LaChappelle

Giovanni Bellini, Pieta 1472

Michelangelo's Pieta, 1498–1499

David LaChapelle  talks about various aspects of life and his sudden resignation from the commercial and magazine work.

In this video, John Trefethen describes the elements of design present in David LaChapelle's Pieta.

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