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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is Having a Photo Rep (Agent) Essential as a Professional Photographer?

Photographer’s agent Annemiek ter Linden at Art + Commerce offices NYC.  One of the biggest agencies in the world who rep some of the best photographers out there.(don't call them they'll call you)

Ask five creatives, and you'll likely get five different answers: When it comes to the hiring process, does an artist need a rep? Do creatives prefer working with the photographer or illustrator's representative, or do they want the talent to reach out directly? In this video, creatives answer these critical questions:

How big a role does the talent’s rep play in the hiring process?
Why do some creatives want a rep to provide a buffer between clients and artists?
Why do some creatives believe rep-free interactions foster the best results?

Here's a great post on this topic on Heather Morton's blog

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