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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Russian Girl and the Rocket Factory ~ Photographer Lana Sator

 Lana Sator  snuck into one of NPO Energomash factories outside of Moscow that makes liquid propellant rocket engines. The images are a fascinating glimpse into the very secretive world of the Russian Space Program. The factory looks like the inside of the Death Star. I was half expecting to see Darth Vader make an appearance.

Not surprisingly mother Russia is not too pleased about Lana's latest photo project. They sent her a threatening letter stating her situation will get "much worse" if she keeps posting photos from the factory. She wasn't phased by this at all and even posted the letter on her blog. I'm sure that the factory has since beefed up security. All they had was a small fence and a few security cameras, one of which lovely Lana is hugging in a self portrait. HA! This girl has balls of space-grade titanium! If I ever make it to Russia I'm buying her a few shots of Vodka for sure!
[via Gizmodo and Lana's blog]

Death Star or Russian Rocket Factory?

The Rocket Factory belching out  yellow
 Lana Sator

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