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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photographer Profile ~ Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat is a photographer , born 28 April 1928 in Abbazia ( Italy , now Croatia ) and living in France.
In the '50s and '60s, he acquired an international reputation for his fashion photography, regarded as a kind of renewal. But his work is eclectic, ranging from photojournalism to portraiture and landscape, through street photography and essays on the nature and sculpture. In the 80s, he published a collection of interviews of famous photographers. In the following decade, he became a pioneer of digital photography.

Horvat's career as a photographer was greatly influenced by a meeting with renowed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson  in 1950. He puchases a  Leica and embarks on a two year long trip throughout  Asia as a freelance photojournalist.  His trip was a great success and the images he took while on the trip wewre included in the exhibition The Family of Man , the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

orvat in 1985, suffering from an ailment of the eyes, temporarily moves from photography to writing, with a collection of interviews with other photographers (including Edward Boubat , Robert Doisneau , Mario Giacomelli , Josef Koudelka , Don McCullin , Sarah Moon , Helmut Newton , Marc Riboud , Jean-Loup Sieff and Joel-Peter Witkin ).

 Coco Chanel, Paris ~ 1958

Frank Horvat,  Jardin des Modes ~ 1964

Anna Karina in fashion shot at Les Halles for Jours de France, 1959

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