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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unpublished Photos of Marilyn Monroe in Banff, Canada

Never before seen images of injured Marilyn Monroe
In 1953 Marilyn Monroe was in Banff Alberta Canada shooting "River of No Return".
She hurt her ankle and spent some time staying at the Farmont Banff Springs Hotel and touring the town.
Photographer John Vachon took over 200 pictures of Monroe but only 2 have ever been published before. One of the shots of her boyfriend, baseball player Joe DiMaggio is the only time the pair posed for a formal portrait.

Marilyn Monroe with a Rolleiflex camera

*click on above image for a larger view*

Marylin Monroe on the Gondola 


  1. Tengo una Rolleiflex como esa en casa, incluso idéntica funda de cuero, totalmente operativa, con su juego de filtros y un par de lentes de aproximación que sirven para "macro".
    Fotografiar con ella hoy por hoy es un lujo y no resulta nada rentable, pero como los buenos lujos es una auténtica delicia.

  2. It was and still is a fantastic camera! A true delight indeed Sergio. I had one for a while then sold it. I kept my Dads Rolleicord ( less expensive version) and have it on display in my studio. I tend to use Hasselblad now because of the interchangeable lenses but the Rollei handles like a dream.


  3. UNCLE TONY THIS IS SO WEIRD. It's Eirin by the way. I was just at work looking for pictures of Marylin Monroe on the Gondola (because thats where I'm working) and then found your blog. hahaha weird