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Friday, April 20, 2012

More Photo Schools Should Be Like This One

I was invited by a fellow photographer Struan Campbell-Smith to review and critique students portfolios at the Georgian College graduating class portfolio display at S1 Studios in Toronto earlier this week. It was good turn out and some students showed great promise. ( the taco bar was a major bonus!) Giving back to the photo community is something that more photographers should be doing because sharing one's knowledge is a great gift.

Photography programs are pumping out graduates by the truck load every year into a market that has never been more competitive. With diminished advertising budgets and fewer magazines, getting consistent commercial work is tough. The transition from student to working professional is an arduous road for most. Many graduates are left wondering, "okay what now?", and are alone in their struggle to break into the photography business.

The Cartel student agency is looking to make this transition as smooth and painless as possible. Cartel Photos is a new, specialised photography agency which aims to support students of University College Falmouth, England, beyond education and into the professional world.  This will allow the students at the college to gain invaluable insight in the workings of the editorial, corporate and non-profit sectors.

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  1. I believe a solid training in the traditional skills is quite valuable, even essential, for most young art students, but I think that, once trained, each artist should find his or her own metier...simply replicating photographs in the academic style is a dead end and usually doesn't produce art, but taxidermy.

    colleges with photography majors