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Friday, June 1, 2012

I AM A CAMERA ~ Two Students Swallow Film and Print the Resulting Images

Two students from Kingston University in the UK, Luke Evans and Josh Lake, created human photograms by swallowing pieces of 35mm film, and ahem.. "expelling" the pieces whilst in the dark, fixing the film and then scanning the pieces using an electron microscope to record the traces their bodies had left on the film's surface. Now that's certainly an original approach to creating a photograph!! [via Andrew Ross and Creative Review]

"We wanted to bring our insides out" they say. "So we ate 35mm photographic film slides and let our bodies do the rest."

Luke Evans' body with slide film inside

One of the final images created by Josh Lake's insides

 "The full-sized images are 10,000 pixels on the longest edge, allowing you to see every detail of what our bodies produced," they say, as can be seen from this shot of the work on show.
See more of Luke Evans' work here
And Josh Lake's here

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