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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Official Paramount 100th Anniversary Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes Video

The stars aligned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Paramount Pictures.
You are taken behind the scenes to the historic stage 18 where 116 of Hollywood's most notable figures assembled for this historic photo by photographer Art Strieber.

*click on image for a larger view*

The 40-foot stage, 116-person photo required flattering, even light all the way across. Photographer Art Strieber's and his crew of 10 assistants used 57 Profoto heads,  34 of which were grided Profoto Magnum reflectors as the key light. The rest of strobes were fitted with standard zoom reflectors and a few strip banks. The strobes were positioned high above the set  on a custom configured rail truss system. To help separate the subjects from the dark background, an additional 8 heads were used as backlight/hair-light. The final image is comprised of three separate shots stitched together shot on a Hasselblad H2 with and 60.5MP PHASE ONE IQ160 digital back

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