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Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Inside Look into 70's Biker Culture by Photographer/Biker Doug Barber (AKA Q-Ball)

These striking images exemplify the renegade alienation and freewheeling machismo that became trademarks of the 'biker' culture. Photographer Doug Barber's keen eye focused on his fellow riders while on the road with the modern-day cowboys. His book "Living the Life" is an insiders look into 70's biker culture. Throw on "Born to Be Wild" via your iTunes and have a look...

"For years I have been encouraged to compile a book of these images....‘Living the Life’ is a personal view of a biker’s existence. ” –Doug Barber (AKA Q-Ball)

*click on images for a larger view*
*click on images for a larger view*

Doug Barber ( AKA Q-Ball)

Check out this video. Barber offers insight into the many fascinating images he photographed.

Here are some classic biker flicks to live vicariously through...

with  Jack Nicholson as a biker

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