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Sunday, July 8, 2012

New York Times Magazine Photoshoot ~ Andy Samberg as Iconic Men's Tennis Champions.

The New York Times Magazine asked legendary sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr. and the comedian Andy Samberg to take a look back at several iconic men's tennis champions. This is what went down
Andy Samberg dressed up as tennis champions - and rivals - John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg on the latest cover of New York Times Magazine.

The real Borg and McEnroe

 Andy as Jimmy Connors

The real Connors

Andy as Connors

 Andy as Andre Agassi

The real Agassi

Andy as Pete Sampras

The Real Sampras

Andy as Bjorn Borg

The real Borg (resistance is futile)

Andy as Bjorn Borg

The Real Bjorn Borg

Andy as John McEnroe

The real McEnroe

Andy as John McEnroe

Andy as McEnroe on chromakey green seamless paper.

The real McEnroe at Wimbledon

The Real McEnroe Goes Ballistic

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