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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Portrait of Addiction by Photographer Tony Fouhse

In the Fall of 2010  Canadian photographer Tony Fouhse asked Stephanie MacDonald if there was something he could do to help her. Stephanie is a heroin addict. She asked him to help her get into rehab.

And so began a journey that lasted nine months, that began in despair and moved through horror towards hope, that took twists and turns unimaginable when they began.

Told through portraits of Stephanie, photographs of her notes to Tony and in Stephanie's own words, LIVE THROUGH THIS is a book that describes, defines and evokes that harrowing journey.[via straylight publishing]

“From 2007 to 2010 I collaborated with a group of crack addicts in Ottawa, shooting portraits. I worked those four years on one 30 meter strip of sidewalk, ‘the block’, that this particular society of addicts called home.
“I got to know many of the addicts quite well, but I didn’t want to change, save or judge them; I just wanted to take pictures. Then, the last year of that project I met Stephanie. There was just something about her and one day I blurted out the words, “Is there something I can do to help you?”.Tony Fouhse

Tony-Fouhse photography
"If you want to be a photographer you have to take pictures.  Lots of pictures. Not just once in a while.  
All the time. 
You need to be consumed by their creation" 
Tony Fouhse

 the United Nations estimates there are
 between15.16 million and 21.13 million people 
aged 15–64 addicted to heroin.

Tony-Fouhse photography
Tony-Fouhse photography
File:Bayer Heroin bottle.jpg
Heroin was first developed by Bayer to be used as a super Aspirin and cold medicine.

Photographer Tony Fouhse on the streets of Ottawa, Canada.

[Images from tonyfoto.com]

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