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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photographer Profile ~ Louis Faurer

Louis Faurer (1916 –  2001) was an American fashion photographer and a master of candid or street photography. A quiet artist who never achieved the broad public recognition of his best-known contemporaries, the significance and caliber of his work were lauded by insiders, among them Robert Frank, William Eggleston, and Edward Steichen, who included his work in the Museum of Modern Art exhibitions In and Out of Focus (1948) and The Family of Man (1955).

Silent Saleman
Comb Over, NYC, 1949
Looking Up At RCA Building: New York, 1949.
NYC, 1971

El Station, 53rd Street and Third Avenue, 1946.
Staten Island Ferry, 1946.
Skywriting, New York City, 1950.
Ideal Cinema , New York City, 1948.
Arc of Mirrors, Philadelphia, 1940

15th and Market Street, Philadelphia, 1938.
Accordionist: NY, 1948.

Father and Son in Times Square: NY, 1948. 
 Penn station, New York City, 1948
Globe Theater, New York City, 1947.
Ritz Carlton, 1948

Madison Avenue Construction Site, 1949.

James Joyce on the IRT, 1968.

Louis Faurer, Paris, 1960

Bowing for the Vogue Collections: Paris, 1972.

NYC 1971

Market Street, Philadelphia, 1944 by Louis Faurer

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  1. great selection, thanks for sharing!

    it is really a matter of chance rather than skills whether a photographer become a celebrity or, like Louis Faurer, will be known only among photography fans.