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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photographer Profile ~ Arthur Rothstein

Arthur Rothstein (July 17, 1915 - November 11, 1985) was an American photographer. Rothstein is recognized as one of America’s premier photojournalists. During a career that spanned five decades, he provoked, entertained and informed the American people. His photographs ranged from a hometown baseball game to the drama of war, from struggling rural farmers to US Presidents.

During the Great Depression Rothstein was invited by Roy Stryker to join the the federally sponsored Farm Security Administration (FSA) that was established in 1935 by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

A recipient of more than 35 awards in photojournalism and a former juror for the Pulitzer Prize, Mr. Rothstein was also a founder and former officer of the American Society of Magazine Photographers (ASMP). [via wiki]

Dust storm. Amarillo, Texas. 1936

Son of Farmer in Dust Bowl Area
Farmer and his sons walking in dust storm, Oklahoma ~ 1936

Farmer of Franklin County, Kansas, 1936
Mrs. Calvin Brown, wife of Farm Security Administration borrower, with grandson in garden near Eaton, Colorado ~ 1939

Plantation owner’s daughter checks weight of cotton. Kaufman County,Texas ~1936
Family of evicted sharecroppers along Highway 60, New Madrid County, Missouri, 1939

Descendants of Former Slaves of the Pettway Plantation ~ 1937
Evicted Sharecropper, New Madrid County by Arthur Rothstein
Evicted Sharecropper, New Madrid County, 1939
Thomas W. Beede, resettlement client, Western Slope Farms, Colorado gives his youngest daughter a ride, `1939
Purpose Steers are Locked in Tent for Shipment, Stockyard, Denver by Arthur Rothstein
Steers are Locked in Tent for Shipment, Stockyard, Denver, 1939
Saint Louis,Missouri ~1936
Men Watching World Series, Montrose by Arthur Rothstein
Men watching World Series baseball scores on main street, Montrose, Colorado, 1939

Housing conditions in Ambridge, Pennsylvania,1938

Street band in Yorkville, New York City, 1937

Scene along Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx. New York, 1936. by Arthur Rothstein

Portrait of photographer Arthur Rothstein

Watch Arthur Rothstein on PBS. See more from The Dust Bowl.


  1. Well done and great work. I feel near this people. See the society of other time always is interesting too, clothes, facial features...