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Monday, May 27, 2013

Photographer Profile ~ Olaf Heine

Olaf Heine (Born 1968 in Hanover ) is a German photographer specializing in celebrity and band portraits. He has photographed Iggy Pop, Sting and Snoop Dog to name a few.

"I like to work with people. The end result - the photography of people - is secondary. The creative process and the contact with the people I take pictures of, that’s the most important thing. That’s why I don’t really feel comfortable in the fashion scene, photographing models. Rather, I see myself as a creative person and I like to be surrounded by other creative people. I have always loved music. I certainly always had a thing for the travelling circus atmosphere of international rock and roll. My quest has always been to mix with other people and swap ideas, and that’s how I came to focus on portraits." ~ Olaf Heine

Iggy Pop

"Olaf is blessed with a clear and inescapable 
German eye. You better run, or fight back."
~ Iggy Pop

Snoop Dog
Ray Liotta
Don Cheadle


"It takes a rare photographer like Olaf to get behind that mask, to reveal the vulnerable soul behind. 
I do not wish to give myself easily to the eye of a camera unless the person holding it is at risk too."

Bon Jovi

Chris Cornell

Richard Ashcroft (Verve)

Road trip with Iggy

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