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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fantastic Skateboarding Self-Portraits by Fabiano Rodrigues

Fabiano Rodrigues was born in Santos, São Paulo, 1974. He approached photography through skateboarding, first appearing in photographs as a professional skateboarder, while performing maneuvers through out Brazil and Europe.

The interest in composition, in motion capture and architecture, propelled him to photograph other skaters in the city, so as to be recognized both as a photographer and as a skater.

Shooting with a Hasselblad camera using a remote control, he records the apex of his own motion in a previously planned framework. These photographs are always one off prints, exploring the history and repertoire of skateboarding movements, particularly its relationship with the city, its architecture and urban furniture. [via GaleriaLogo]

These remarkable images are impressive on their own merit, but even more so considering they are self portraits. Enjoy!

Fabiano Rodrigues looking rather serious posing next to one of his images.


  1. Unbeliefable photos. its not only that you are a artistic scateboarder, you are really a very talebtes photographer. Thanks for these photos.

  2. These are some different skating pictures i ever seen and the places also looking great. skateboard