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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trading to Extinction ~ By Photojournalist Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown has been awarded a prize in the World Press Photo contest and the prestige’s 3ppp award for his work on the trafficking of poached animals in Asia. From the pristine jungles of Cambodia to the great national parks of India and Nepal, Asian wildlife is being plundered on an unprecedented scale.

Day by day, hour by hour, our planet`s rarest creatures are being hunted, trapped and slaughtered to feed a global black market in wildlife products.  Patrick has worked on this project for 10 years in an attempt to expose that trade.

Every year, some 30,000 primates, two-to-five million birds, and ten million reptile skins enter the Asian wild animal market, the third-largest illegal smuggling operation in the world.

In cultures where tiger skins, rhino horns, and bear bile are imbued with mythical properties, these wild animal parts are bought and paid for at astonishingly high prices. In Black Market, we come to understand that the price for these rarities may be the very survival of endangered species world-wide, as well as the ecological stability of the planet.

Support Patrick's book and find out more about Patrick Brown’s project by visiting his Emphas.is page

Thai poacher in cuffs. Score one for the good guys!

VICE visits Patrick Brown in Bangkok to talk about the craft of photography and his forthcoming book, Trading to Extinction, which documents the illegal trade of endangered animals in Asia. We then travel with Brown to Guangzhou, China, where he finishes his decade-long project.

The sale of bear paws, crocodile hearts, and other rare animal parts form the world's third-largest illegal market. Black Market explores the human passions and ancient beliefs that drive the trade and threaten its most endangered species. See the project at http://mediastorm.com/publication/black-market

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