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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grassroots Effort To Save Photos Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

The Brooklyn-based nonprofit "Care for Sandy" has emerged as one of the critical grassroots groups helping residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy save some of their most cherished memories.

From the CARE for Sandy website:
CARE stands for Cherished Albums Restoration Effort. Our mission is simple: to offer FREE digital restoration services for individuals and families whose salvaged photos have been damaged by October's devastating hurricane. Why? Because cars, homes and jobs are replaceable, whereas images of baby’s first Christmas, mom & dad’s wedding day and great great grandpa’s sole surviving portrait are not. Photos contain personal meaning. Photos preserve stories! Photos foster priceless soul and spirit. CARE for Sandy aims to offer restoration services for at least one year. Spread the word and visit our website to learn more!

Swing on over the the Care for Sandy facebook page and show some love.

 Restored by: Dalton Portella, Montauk, New York. 
The most dramatic CARE for Sandy restoration to date. The damaged photograph had to be pried out of its picture frame.

Restored by: Boris Polonsky, Florham Park, New Jersey. 
A family brought in this honeymoon picture to be restored. It’s the only remaining photograph they have of their mom. 

Restored by: Boris Polonsky, Florham Park, New Jersey. 
A family brought a wet, super stinky clump of photographs to be restored, including this favorite snap of Brad Pitt taken back in the nineties. The photographs were so stinky that the volunteers had to wear face masks and use fans.

Restored by: Tim Barnes, Bedford, Texas. 
This is a picture from Al and Terry Fabiano’s wedding day, featuring the song they first danced to as husband and wife. Their wedding album was submerged in flood water. 

Restored by: Jean Thornhill, Stoke Edith, England. 
The Sullivan family, from a neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., threw away their photographs after giving up hope of ever having them restored. They quickly retrieved them when they found out about CARE for Sandy. 

This image was restored by volunteer Billy L. for Pat Gallagher of Queens. The young man is her husband. 

This is the house that Candice Roy built, all the way from Oklahoma City. Not only did she remove the image's mold and restore its color, she provided a second architectural story! The Rockaway Park family this treasure belongs to wishes to remain respectfully anonymous.

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  1. This is a beautiful and fantastic project. I was affected by Sandy. Thankfully, most of my sentimental items were in my attic storage, and they managed to go unscathed. We had a lot of mold, but an air handler rental fixed that. However, I have friends, family, and neighbors who weren't so fortunate. I am going to share this with them. I think it will brighten things a bit for them. Especially, my sister whose wedding photos were destroyed. Thank you greatly for sharing this.